“Fake it till you Make it”

“Fake it till you Make it”

Hi Guys & Gals,

Ive just put together a list of my favourite fake tans. I think this time of the year its nice to have that subtle glow with the weather getting a little warmer & having a little more skin on show. Its lovely to have a real tan in the summer but with all the dangers that come with it I think popping on a little bit of a  liquid glow is much safer option. For all links to products click on the image & you’ll be redirected to that site.


My top 5 fake tans…


No 1- BPerfect

My number one tan for me would have to be the BPerfect Dark 10 Second tan. You can spray this tan on & it dries within 10 seconds. Im always a last minute kinda gal so I love that this tan shows up instantly & will be developing as the night goes on. I also suffer with dry skin & psoriasis in certain areas & have found this lotion to be the best suited for my skin. This tan retails for €24.95, ill pop a link below. Im a big lover of the brand BPerfect as they are a cruelty free Irish company that started out small & have grown organically in the past few years & are now worldwide. Sidenote- their tan is gorge but they’re makeup products are absolutely amazing aswell.


No 2- Bellamianta

My Second choice for that bronzed glow is the Bellamianta Medium lotion, again this comes in a mousse which is absolutely gorge but I do find for my dry skin the lotion is that little bit nicer. Ive recently been using this last minute before running out the door & it has developed so nicely on my night out! This retails online for £16.99, I’ll add a link below. Im also a big fan of Bellamianta as its also an Irish brand & all they are Cruelty Free!


No 3- Dripping Gold Tan

The medium lotion is my go to shade with this, as Im yet to try the dark. I usually find that medium shades show up darker on my skin for some reason. Dripping gold is really hydrating on the skin & provides that gorgeous sun kissed glow you normally get after a holiday. This retails for €21.95 online again I’ll pop a link below.


No 4- Tantastic

Ive used Fantastic a few times & I really enjoyed it for that softer bronze glow. This I would suggest as more of a day to day tan & if you are looking to use it for night time I would just suggest applying a second layer. This is currently  retailing for £7.49 online, I pop a link below.


No5- Iconic Bronze

Everybody needs an Airbrush Body Bling in their lives. This I wouldn’t class a tanner, but it is absolutely stunning over any tan & just adds that beautiful glow & shimmer to your skin. This retails online for €11.99 & in my opinion is a must have.




  • Shave Wax at least 24 hrs prior to tanning
  • Exfoliate the day before
  • Moisturize the day before
  • For perfect tanned hands, never use any shade darker than a medium on your hands. I always like to mx my body moisturiser with my tan & apply with a foundation brush.
  • To maintain your tanned bod apply body moisturiser daily


Hope you enjoyed that & if you’ve any questions you can pop them down below.


Sarah xo

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